Gardening is a way of showing that you believe in tomorrow.”
– author unknown.

Why 2022?

An Opportunity to Celebrate an Anniversary

Planned to coincide with the 250th Anniversary of Captain Cook’s ‘voyages of discovery’ in 1770-1772, when he charted the the botalcial wonders of Australia, from Port Botany in Sydney, to Cooktown in northern Queensland, in 1770 and completed the world map after charting the Antarctic in 1772.

‘Australis’ is intended to be the flagship event, celebrating these important milestone in botanical exploration and the mapping of the world as we know it today.

An Opportunity to Honour Aboriginal Culture

An opportunity to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity, acknowledging  the ancient wisdom traditions of the Aboriginal people of Australia and their approach to custodianship of the land over 60,000 years.

A sharing of world cultures and knowledge both old and new, as we explore more sustainable approaches to working with the environment we share.

An opportunity to drive the Environmental Agenda globally, for 6 months

As the world comes full circle from disregarding the earths ecosystem, to recognising the need to better manage the finitie resourses we all share, Australis represents a tremedous opportunity to showcase new environemtnal technologies that can help inform our choices moving forward.

An Opportunity to Honour Aboriginal Culture

The 2019 IGF in Beijing is anticipated to be the biggest ever and engage the Asian market like never before, targeting 16-20 million visitors. A tremendous opportunity for Australia to promote ‘Australis’, as the next major event to follow, to a very relevant eco tourism target audience.