“One of the most exciting events that we have seen for many years.”

Basil Scaffedi, Managing Director,  SEL

Consider these facts: –

* More people garden on a weekend in Australia, than play sport. 

* ‘Garden Tourism’ research has identified there are 300 million tourists travelling the world every year, to visit garden attractions and events – a market Australia has barely tapped 

* ‘Ecotourism’ is the fastest growing tourism sector in the world today. 

* The last (and only) 6 month Expo, ever to be held in Australia – Expo 88 –  changed the State Capital forever


A six month
International Expo Event


A Legacy, long-term
Eco-Tourism Attraction


The opportunity to create a major
'cultural park' in the geographic
'green heart' of Australia's largest city

The Expo Difference

Few events have ever changed a city, in the way Expo 88 did for Brisbane.

Initial targeting 7 million visitors, this number was massively surpassed with the final tally over 16 million, which has evolved over time to become the central leisure and entertainment precinct for the State’s Capital.

Similarly, Australis, is intended to be the catalyst for a long term eco-tourism, innovation and education precinct, a legacy asset for the host city.

Leveraging of this unique 6 month, rather than weekend or weeklong timeframe, Australis will provide a longer period of time 

  • for visitors to plan trips around;
  • for participants to promote themselves;
  • for countries to develop cultural and trade exchange opportunities

Australis is a ‘First of its kind’ Tourism Attraction based on Education, centred around the Environment, Health and Wellbeing and an International Trade Opportunity for Australia to promote it’s primary industries to all its’ major trading partner countries.

It’s also an opportunity to build International Cultural ties, deliver a new permanent Horti-Cultural offering for the region and a catalyst to activate both Local and State Government interests, assets and objectives.

The Australis World ‘Green’ Expo 2022 is a city building catalyst event and an opportunity for Australia to affirm its’ position as a World Leader in horticultural and environmental technology.

Australis GC

economic impact

The Expo Difference

A project of National / State significance and an opportunity with benefits projected to include

  • 40-50 countires participating, all ‘Australia’s major trading partner nations
  • 4-5 million visitors over 6 months
  • over 1.1 million unique visitors (vs Commonwealth Games 164,000)
  • over 1 million room nights of additional accommodation demand into the region;
  • over $1 billion spend into the local economy over 6 months
  • Supporting 2,500 jobs and engage 10,000 volunteers
  • Extensive promotion / ‘Brand Awareness’ of Australia, through 6 months of international exposure
  • Kudos of being the first event of its’ kind in the Southern Hemisphere;
  • establishing the management, marketing, ticketing and operational systems for the long term attraction

The Legacy Attraction

An environmental, educational and innovation showcase featuring the new National Centre of Sustainability.

  • 1.2 -1.5 million visitors projected per year
  • $120 million of spend into the economy each year thereafter);
  • supporting 600 jobs post Event 
  • a focus for creating multiple new tourism assets,

City Building Catalyst

‘Creating a beautiful place for the city and a beautiful place to live’

International Garden festivals originated as catalysts for urban growth, the benefits of which endure long after the event.

Australis presents the opportunty to establish a new generation of eco tourism and cultural assets in a Cultural Park, to support investment in both the Sydney Olympic Park Precinct and the broader Western Sydney region.