“In almost every garden, the land is made better and so is the gardener.”
– Robert Rodale


‘Australis’ is a special purpose vehicle created to deliver 
the World Garden Expo dream.  Australis’ partners and consultants anchor that dream in reality –
they are market leaders in event and entertainment, management, marketing and ticketing.

Australis founder

Mr. Steven Haggart, has a 30 year career creating multi-faceted, mega projects around the world, including the $1 billion Jewel hotel and residences, currently under construction on the Gold Coast.

He is passionate about creating projects that are both environmentally and financially sustainable and has gathered the ‘cream of the crop’ of project partners and consultants to deliver the Australis 2022 event and project.


Project Partners

comprising market leaders in event and entertainment management, marketing and commercialisation including SEL and TEG, Australia’s leading integrated entertainment solutions companies and Ticketek are the leading ticketing partner to the event and entertainment industry.

Finalter was born out of the Milan Expo15, founded by Piero Galli, the GM responsible for the preparation and successful delivery of what is generally regarded to have been the most commercially successful expo in modern times. Finalter comprises the department heads responsible for sales /marketing, ticketing, content, entertainment, operations, logistics etc. and is a key strategic partner in delivering the Expo Event.

SEL is a market leader in event and entertainment management, marketing and commercialisation.

Since it’s launch in 1997 SEL has enjoyed incredible success – achieved through second-to-none industry experience, skill, and expertise, through offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and London.

TEG Live is unique in its diversity as a live touring business. TEG Live adopts a four pillars content strategy, covering international sport, concert/music.

Ticketek is Australasia’s leading event ticketing company, powered by our database of 11.7 million unique live entertainment fans.

International Venue Group have coordinated the delivery and operations of Australias exhibits at international Expos over the last 15 years, to become a trusted partner with the Commonwealth Government, in managing Australias investments in the Expo space.

Velocity Brand Management (VBM) is a multi- faceted licensing and merchandising business specialising in the creation and sale of Licensed Products.

A creative community of practice experts, working collaboratively to deliver fresh thinking and independent advice and guidance – all backed up by real, evidence-based solutions.

MI Associates are regarded as a world leading consulting practice across sport, arts and culture and tourism events.

Mi evolved through the amalgamation of department heads pivotal to the delivery of the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and have gone on to help manage most major international events including Olympic and Commonwealth Games, Rugby and Cricket World Cups, over the last 18 years. 

Project Supporter

An extensive stakeholder consultation program has engaged Local,
State and Federal Government departments, multiple
private sector interests and industry bodies both national and international.