‘Exploring ways in which we can nurture the environment that nurtures us


Australis, exploring ways to nurture the
environment that nurtures us


Human cultural and ethnic diversity in the context of the natural environment, has inspired a rich tapestry of unique responses to creating ‘Habitat’s’, which present the opportunities for evaluation and discussion, including:

  • The co-existence of man & nature
  • The Australian environment – a unique world resource
  • One continent, one people, 60,000 years of land stewardship


Explore and encourage collaboration between all areas of science and technology, exploring new and more responsible ways to better manage finite resources, in the face of an ever expanding population:

  • Energy (Renewables)
  • Food (security, quality, heath, nutrition, wellbeing)
  • Water (conservation, quality)
  • Waste (as an asset to be converted to new products or energy)


The rich blend and cultural diversity of the peoples of the world provides a wonderful matrix for the celebration of life. Australis’ 2018 will provide the forum for the nations of the world to celebrate and share their diverse cultural, social and leisure.

  • Learning lessons from the past to guide the future
  • New food & medicinal sources through botanic exploration & selection